Tve – Comerse el Mundo


Identity In Motion

We wanted to push the limits of the obvious by talking about food without showing food.

Creating a graphic world with food culture at the center, expressing itself along the entire show and playing a key rol not only as an identity but interacting and complimenting the narrative of each episode.


Inspiration & Design

Talk about food without showing food.

We get inspiration from everywhere! In this case it came from the food culture, from its most obvious and sometimes invisible forms of expression; straight from the popular food imaginary advertisement signs found in markets and shops around the world. Although unnoticed to most, they are very present in every corner of the planet every day.

We took its distinctive code to create the basis of the TV Show’s identity.

We reinforced this language with a particular use of typography as well as the chef’s distinctive food tattoos on his arms and used them as an opportunity to look at food in another way.
A more detailed and more intimate one, that can speak about our relation with food in a more subtle and intelligent approach.



A Living System

We created an identity that you could recognize and hopefully remember, but that could also adapt, interact and even compliment the content of the show; by creating a basic but living system.

Our proposal consisted in designing a sort of elements, frames sets and specific applications with editable features that would allow as many permutations as possible.



On Air Package

With the vitality and diversity of this identity system in mind we designed a mixed media On Air graphic package that combined illustration, animation, graphics, typography, live action and of course music and sound design was a must.

Allowing relevant information to be included, local food to be spoken, highlighting cultural diversity as well as its global spirit.

Keep pushing the limits of the obvious, talking about food without showing food.
Curious about how it finally looked? Here you can enjoy the show (in Spanish)


Behind The Scenes



RTVE - Radio Televisión Española

Entertainment Director (TVE):
Toñi Prieto
Executive Producer (TVE):
Urbana Gil Martín


Aida Rebordinos
Editorial Director:
Inma Ramírez Orozco
Head of Production:
José Miguel F.F.-Lomana
Executive Producer:
Carina Pardavila
Head of Content (Prisa Video):
Ana Aladro
Image Director (Prisa Video):
Juan Carlos Pérez



On Air Package Design & Production:

Executive Producer:
Caroline Heredia
Creative & Art Director:
Montenegro & Lafont

Director of Photography:
Montenegro & Lafont
1st Camera Assistant:
Rodrigo Placido
2nd Camera Assistant:
Hugo Barquinha
Production Assistant & Storyboards:
Ana Lozano
Hugo Barquinha
Hair & Makeup:
Ineva Troya

Head of Animation:
Montenegro & Lafont
Animation & Rotoscope:
Belén Fernández
Ana Lozano
Belén Fernández

Color Grading:
Original Music Producer:
Francisco Mejía


What we did

– Creative Direction
– Art Direction
– Production
– Design
– Animation
– Color Grading
– Post-Production
– Music & Sound



PromaxBDA US Hispanic 

Gold ~ Art direction: Image Promo