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We work with food


We work with food. Food is one of our strategic areas where we keep developing numerous projects. From branding for an artisan food brand, to branded content for food companies, designing On- Air graphic packages for TV shows, and also developing digital content for online platforms. Food has been a total crossover in connecting with multiple disciplines but also in exploring mixing different media. So we love working with food.

Food inspires us, to look and observe, to look beyond, to push our own limits. Still life has that gift of inviting you to contemplate the objects and their placement. Contemplation is important for us. Here we share a set of 4 still lifes we did some time ago. When working with this genre we have to mention the master Irving Penn who once said “I can get obsessed by anything if I look at it long enough. That´s the curse of being a photographer.”

Colors, textures, shapes, sounds, odors… food is beautiful in all its forms. And for us is also a tool, food has the power to strike conversations about things we are interested in and value; such as design, culture, honesty, meaning, complexity, intuition, process. Food is a language we feel confortable speaking. It helps that we all in the studio love to eat.


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