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Conversaciones fg

Documentary / Short Film Series

Alongside the Gego Foundation we produced a series of 17 mini interviews in which we explore the world and persona of Gego and her exploration of space.

Each interview offers a reflection on contemporary art, through the work of Gego, its history, validity and significance.




Fundación Gego

General Coordination:
Barbara Gunz
Priscilla Abecasis

Production Coordination:
Claudia Garcés



Directed by:
Montenegro & Lafont

Produced by: 
Fundación Gego / 2382

Head of Production & Direction Assistant:
Caroline Heredia

Director of Photography & Editing:
Montenegro & Lafont

Camera Assistant (MACBA):
Jesus Ascanio
Camera Assistant (MNCARS):
Rodrigo Plácido 

Production Assistant:
Ana Lozano
Production Assistant (MACBA):
Valentina Alvarado

Audio Recording:
Clara The Dog
Audio Recording (MACBA):
Francisco Mejía

Post-Production & Color Grading:

Music Direction & Production:
Montenegro & Lafont

Recording & Mixing:

Translation & Subtitles:
Daniel Goldschlager

Copyright & Communication:
Fundación Gego / 2382


What we did

- Creative Direction
- Script
- Art Direction
- Production
- Music
- Audio Recording
- Sound Design
- Editing
- Color Grading